While most species of Earth use the sexual act for procreation, humankind may be the only one for which sex is a pleasure and obsession. It is a basic instinctual urge that all humans experience at some time, and the sexual/sensual component of a relationship is often necessary to keep it strong and healthy.

Male health which means “urut batin” - is similar to other techniques such as Manhood Therapy, Inner Energy Massage, Jelqing, urut batin traditional and Tantric Lingham Massage. Male health massage is a traditional Malay deep tissue massage technique that helps the body circulate more blood to the penis, increasing the strength of erections and improving sexual stamina.

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"5 inch is Not Enough"

Ever wonder why men don't urinate when they ejaculate? Do you even know the basic information about yourself? When your finished with todays lesson, you will.

The anatomy of the penis is complex. It is comprised primarily of two cylinders of sponge-like vascular tissue (corpus cavernosa) that fills with blood to create an erection.

Blood is pumped into the penis under great pressure and a series of valves keep it in the penis to maintain the erection. A third cylinder is the urethra, a tube that carries the urine and the ejaculate. The knobby head of the penis is called the Glans.

Blood flows to the penis by two very small arteries that come from the Aorta. These arteries are the same size as the arteries to your finger.

The main problem that causes impotence is that the blood vessels become blocked and the blood can not get to the penis. The other major problem is leakage of blood from the penis into the veins around the penis called a venous leak. This is very common, similar to a hole in a tire. The larger the hole the more air that needs to be pumped into the tire to keep it hard.



This includes, but is not limited to, almost any man health, fitness, weight loss or nutrition problem you may currently or those health problems that you may want to avoid in the future.

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Alright, so have been diagnosed with penile dysfunction and you are starting to feel extremely depressed and fatigued.

That’s a normal reaction to the diagnosis, but what should you be doing next?

It is important to consider your various options that can help you get back to life and more importantly sex. Most people think that penile dysfunction means an end to their sex life and they go on a self imposed sex sabbatical. But this is not necessary at all.

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