Massage is the manipulation of soft tissue effecting a change in the surrounding tissue and structures. Our bodies and posture are held in balance by the muscular system. In order for you to stand still there are various muscles throughout the body constantly tightening and slackening to maintain the stillness that you desire.

If one or more of your muscles becomes too tight or slack then your posture will be thrown out and your body will deliberately put other muscles out of there normal state of tone to compensate. If this is not corrected it will over a period of time be accepted by your body and you will have a permanent imbalance.

You will become accustomed to this over time and quite probably will not notice that you have a dysfunction until you try to do something which requires a normal full range of movement.

This is where massage therapy comes into its own for if the muscles being worked are too tight they will be relaxed and stretch, however if they are too slack then they will be toned and tightened.

If a joint is too tight causing stiffness then it will be released, or if too slack then it will be tightened, or rather the surrounding tissue that holds it in its proper alignment will be adjusted.

This is the main physical property to massage but it does have a pronounced effect on all the systems of your body, as well as relaxing you mentally and reducing emotional turmoil.

What is less known is the fact that orgasms have certain health benefits attached to them.

Indeed, it’s more than just the feeling of well-being that we all have after sex. Recent studies have shown that orgasm is just as important for the overall health of men as any other function of their bodies.

Massage is providing the benefit by the therapeutic value of touching that helps a person in pain. Research shows that even touch lasting for less than 1 second has the ability to make people feel better. Obviously, an hour-long touch provided by massage has to make you feel good!

  Self confidence
  Improving blood circulation
  Real staying power andsexual stamina
  Better lifestyle
  Longer & thicker erections



In the early 1950s, Doctor Alfred Kinsey started releasing the studies into the sex life of men and women that made him famous all over the world. One of the Kinsey reports proved that sex reduces stress and that people who have frequent sex and orgasms are less violent and less hostile than those who seldom engage in sex. This means that sex and orgasms have a long-term effect of calming down a person and helping keep the psychological balance.

Moreover, later studies showed that frequent sex and orgasms translate into lower death rates for both men and women lower risk of heart attacks for women.

There have not been any studies noting if male masturbation achieves the same results. There has however been research done on the effects of over masturbation upon men's health.




Dr. Ted McIlvenna recently found that sexually active people draw far more joy from their lives than others and also take fewer sick leaves. Gynecologist Dudley Chapman contended that orgasms help the body to fight infections, a proposition supported by psychologists from the Wilkes University.
In addition, a study conducted in Melbourne, Australia, found that frequent ejaculation between the ages of 20 and 50 helps dramatically decrease the risk of prostate cancer in men.

This study ties in with other research suggesting that regular orgasm in males prevents painful urination in old age. According to these studies, frequent male ejaculation is crucial for avoiding many prostate-related problems.
So there you have it, people. It’s plain to see that humans were meant to have sex often and to enjoy it a lot. The body and the mind suffer without the frequent combination of exertion and release brought by sex and orgasms. This is why you need to know about a pill that makes orgasm all the more powerful.
With so many positive sides to it and with practically no disadvantage, there is no reason why you shouldn’t draw even more pleasure out of your orgasm.

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